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' Semi-Brave '

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The Track List:

1. The Jig
2. The Great Divide
3. Fairweather Girl
4. Gee!! I Love You Still
5. For Georgie (R.I.P)
6. The Rage
7. Mistress Nicotine
8. Sweet Mary (Reprise)
9. Bureaucratic Wriggle
10. Easy Pickin's
11. Carnarvon
12. I'm Only Joking

The Musicians:

Vocals: Phil Hungerford
6 & 12 string Guitars: Phil Hungerford
Electric Guitar: Gary Brown
Keyboard Bass: Phil Hungerford
Bass Guitar: Rob Brown
Fiddle: Clare O'Meara
Drums: Dave Adams
Other Percussion: Gary Brown
Banjo: Mark Moulynox
Resophonic Guitar: Mark Moulynox
Acoustic Guitar: Phil Hungerford
Electric Slide Guitar: Phil Hungerford
Keyboards: Ross McGregor
Piano Accordion: Ross McGregor
Bones: Allan Brown
Kazoo: Phil Hungerford